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Patisserie course week 5


La Pâte feuilletée!

Week 5 of the 8 week patisserie course has arrived and its puff pastry! I love puff pastry, it’s probably one of the worst types of pastries you can have because of all the butter but it’s so yummy and delicious.

This week I learnt how to make puff pastry its hard work, we didn’t have enough time to do all the turns but I will finish it at home tonight. Due to only having 3 hours, we used a “here’s one I made earlier” type to make our goodies.

Patisserie course

I got to make a Classic Millefeuille with patisserie cream, honey & mustard Palmiers, Apple and Raspberries turnovers and Savoury Straws. I have to say my arms got a good workout with all the pastry rolling I had to do but it was so much fun, I really enjoyed every minute.

Salt and Pepper Straws


Apple Turnover

Top tip for this week’s lesson was; don’t scrunch up the off cuts of puff pastry. Fold them on top of one another and roll it out, otherwise the pastry won’t rise.

Next weeks lesson is bread, I can’t wait