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Patisserie Course – Week 4


La Pâte à Choux!

Week 4 of the 8 week course has finally arrived. This is what I have been looking forward to the most, the pastry lessons. This week was choux meaning I got to make éclairs, profiteroles and a puff pastry with choux and patisserie cream cake (I can’t remember the name of it and forgot to write it down). Look at the image below its beautiful and delicious.

Patisserie Course

So I made an attempt at making swan shaped éclairs, apparently they were big in the 70’s? Why? I found it hilarious but still gave it my best shot and as you can see from the picture they didn’t come out very pretty. I think I need to practice more.

Swan eclairs

Once again I found out that I’m not very good with delicate stuff. We tried to make a basket out of caramelised sugar and my first attempt turned into a bird’s nest and the second a good looking sugar ball. Practice, practice and practice I think.

Overall I once again enjoyed my lesson, took the goodies to work as I’m off to Barcelona this weekend and training for a 10k. Not sure if it was a good move to start a patisserie course and sign up for a 10k run at the same time. Anyway, the goodies went down a treat and once again nothing left to take home.

Eclaits and Profiteroles

On another note, I feel like rambling on today so bear with me. I was asked today if I was planning on taking this patisserie stuff to a professional level. I think for now I am enjoying it as a hobby and learning all the little tricks and skills but I have to say I wouldn’t mind. Maybe one day I will open my own bakery…