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Patisserie Course – Week 3


Lesson 3 – Les Mousse et Gelees!

Recently, I started an 8 week Patisserie course, the course is teaching me how to make all kinds of pastry and crèmes and by the end, I will be baking beautiful Classic Millefeuille, Palmiers and Profiteroles.

This week was all about mousses and jellies. After two great weeks so far, I now look forward to my baking lessons every week. What I am enjoying the most is having a hobby again, spending some time by myself learning/improving my baking skills. I am enjoying it so much that I have started to wonder what’s next? What other food related courses are out there? So far the top of my list are wedding cake decorating courses.

Going back to my patisserie course and this week’s lesson. This week I made chocolate mousse with a cheeky splash of baileys, Panacotta, honey and lavender bavarois, rose wine jelly and tuile biscuits. I really enjoyed making all of the desserts but discovered that I don’t have very delicate hands. I kept snapping my tuiles which wasn’t good. However I am ready to give it another go sometime in the future.

Pannacotta, chocolate mousse, rose wine jelly, honey and lavender bavarois and tuile biscuits