Cooking Ideas & Recipes by Joana Reis

About Joana

Hello, my name is Joana and as you may already figured it out I love food!

I grew up in a family where food is not just something you eat, its a way of life. We socialise, share our stories and problems around our family dinner table.

I started to cook because of my dad, he is a great cook and is always inventing new yummy dishes.

I’m in my twenties and so far only my boyfriend has had the pleasure to enjoy my cooking skills, so with some great pushing from him, I have decided to share my recipes and love for food.

I have recently just moved to the “big city” of London, with the boyfriend. I will be blogging about the best restaurants, food finds and markets I find as I discover this beautiful city.

I have been asked a few times now, why I am blogging or what do I want out of this blog. Well, my answer is still the same, for fun, because I enjoy cooking and why not make it a hobby.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do and feel free to contact me and say hello.



  • Bren @ Flanboyant Eats

    Thanks for inviting me to participate. I liven the US, so am I eligible. Thanks! I’l consider if so.

  • Joana Reis

    Hi Bren, You’re more than welcome to enter, you’re eligible.